Damian: Son of Batman – Andy Kubert (Review)

damien son of batman 1

Title – Damian: Son of Batman

Author – Andy Kubert

Summary –

Batman and Robin, the new version of Batman and Robin which is Dick Grayson as Batman and Damian Wayne as Robin, are investigating a mass killing on the docks when an explosive goes off doing the impossible. Killing Batman.

damien son of batman

Damian is left to do the only thing he can, take the mantle of the cowl and protect Gotham as the new Batman. Only Gotham has changed in this glimpse into the future of the city and Damian is not the Batman that his father Bruce once was. Damian believes, like his mother Talia and Grandfather Ra’s Al Ghul, in delivering justice with a lethal force.

bruce and damian

An elderly Bruce Wayne cannot watch the legend of the Bat perverted in this way and tries to stop his son only to suffer defeat at the hands of Damian. Guilt ridden over almost killing his father, Damian decides to curb his lethal actions and become the Batman his father and Grayson were before him.
Only Bruce is kidnapped by an old adversary and it is up to Damian to become the detective his father was and save the original; Batman.

Review –

Wow, where to begin with this one. Like most small story arcs, Damian: Son of Batman does not follow along with the current or past mythos of the Batman. Kubert has taken the tale and tried to tell the story of how the mantle of the Bat would be passed down to his true biological son; Damian Wayne.
The influences of Damian’s mother and Grandfather are strong in the young man. Talia and Ra’s Al Ghul are painted as deadly assassins (which they are) with yet a powerful respect for who the Batman was and the ascension of Damian is almost at the moment, the culmination of their own doing.
It is, in its own way, a coming of age story. Damian’s growth not only into a man. But the kind of man that his father was.
The Batman.


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