Batman Eternal (The New 52)

Batman Eternal is the best Batman comic going on right now in the new 52.

batman eternal

Commissioner Gordon is chasing Professor Pyg and his henchmen before being joined by Batman, Gordon corners the henchmen and order him to lower his weapon, though the henchmen states he does not have one. Gordon fires, but the bullet hits a transformer, which causes a massive explosion and two trains to collide. The Gotham City Police Department arrive at the scene and arrests Gordon, video footage shows that the man Gordon was firing at was not holding a gun.

Batman goes through the footage of the accident trying to identify the henchmen and learns that the henchmen Gordon was chasing, worked for Carmine Falcone who is looking to take back his power in Gotham. Mayor Hady, under the control of Falcone, promotes Major Jack Forbes to interim commissioner in Gordon’s place and then begins to go after capturing the Batman. Gordon is denied bail for his crimes and sent to Blackgate Prison until his trial.

To learn more about Falcone’s past and why he has returned to Gotham, Batman heads to Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, Batman is aided by the Batman of Japan, where he learns from Shen Fang that Falcone bought Fang out to end the gang war in Hong Kong and return to Gotham. Batman returns home with Julia Pennyworth, who was injured while fighting Fang, to the surprise of Alfred. In Gotham, Catwoman is captured by Falcone when she attempts a heist.

While Alfred helps nurse Julia back to health at Wayne Manor, Bruce asks Jason Todd to follow Batgirl to South America and keep and eye on her. Pyg takes Falcone and Catwoman hostage, hoping to turn Falcone in to one of his henchmen for blowing up his lab, though Batman is able to stop him and rescue Catwoman.

The multitude of villains and crime fighters that move through the story arc are incredible and the writing ties it all together wonderfully.

Batman. Robin. Red Robin. Catwoman. Alfred Pennyworth. Alfred’s daughter, Julia Pennyworth. Penguin. Jim Gordon. Barbara Gordon. Professor Pyg. Carmine Falcone and it goes on and on.

This is Batman as he use to be with crime, mystery and the unraveling of clues. There are twists and turns and then more twists and turns. Not only is the artwork wonderful but DC has given real emphasis to the story itself. Batman and Catwoman team up, but what they really find out is that they do not know who the real culprit is behind all of the chaos that has taken over Gotham.

batman eternal 2

Batman Eternal is the best Batman Comic going right now that you are not reading.


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