Lady Rawhide – Sister of The White Rose 1 – 5

lady rawhide 1

Lady Rawhide is back. Tearing through the countryside and cities of old Mexico. A Robin Hood figure with Red Hair. A beautiful counterpart to the black clad Zorro who inspired her. In this five part comic adventure she is captured and teams up with a sisterhood of outlaws know as the White Rose. Women who have been wronged by a corrupt government in Old Mexico and have decided to fight back. But unlike Lady Rawhide they will use deadly force to fulfill there desires.

The Sisterhood captures the Governor’s Mansion with intent to hold trials of the Governor, his soldiers and the “Yanqui” mercenaries who support them. They will hang them for crimes against Mexico. Lady Rawhide must find a way to stop this deadly vengeance and bring back the justice she fights for.

lady rawhide action

Dynamite Entertainment proudly reintroduces the iconic Western heroine to comic book fans. Lady Rawhide (along with her alter-ego Anita Santiago) was introduced into the ZORRO comics in 1994, a masked vigilante skilled with swords, guns, and her deadly bullwhip.  Driven to avenge her brother’s suffering at the hands of a crooked government. Lady Rawhide’s popularity grew as she branched out of the Zorro comics into ones of her own. Often crossing over into mainstream comics as well.

This five part series is a welcome and well written addition to the Lady Rawhide mythos.

lady rawhide 5


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