Pinocchio Vampire Slayer- Dusty Higgins (Review)

pinnochio one

An awesome sequel to the Pinocchio mythos. What happened after the story we all know. As Pinocchio is living is peace with his father, visitors come in the dead of night and the boy puppet learns the truth of the terrors that dwell in his small village. In horror he watches as Geppetto is murdered at the hands of a band of Vampires. It is then he learns that he is uniquely equipped to slay these demons. By telling a lie, Pinocchio can create an endless supply of wooden stakes!

pinnochio two

With Cherry the carpenter, Fairy and the cricket at his side, Pinocchio hunts in the night for the creatures who took his father from him. But unfortunately he finds that Gepetto did not just die that night, but instead becomes one of the undead that Pinocchio hunts!!

This is independent comics at its best. Done in black in white, the graphic novel is dark and fun. Pinocchio’s constant lying comes in handy as he must slay an entire forest of gypsy vampires with his friends and fellow puppets!

Snarky and tongue in cheek, Higgins has created a terrific sidebar to the childhood story of the little wooden puppet who wanted to be a boy. Loads of fun!


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