Legends of Red Sonja – Gail Simone (Book Review)

legends of red sonja

The character of Red Sonja, an early female version to Conan the Barbarian of Marvel lore is given a reboot here by Dynamite and they freakin’ nail it!! Granted, the chain mail bikini has its attractions to the teenage male demographic, but the legend and backstory to the character of Red Sonja is what gives the comic books its staying power. Forget the Brigette Nielsen movie that failed as a vehicle for her to achieve stardom. Flavor Flave took care of that for her.

red sonja 2

This is Red Sonja as it was meant to be. There is a cult like fandom surrounding Sonja that has held its ground for years. Given that this character has no superpowers, does not try to save the world and is not interested protecting the innocent. Unless it serves her own interest to do so.
She is a murderer, a thief, a brigand and that chain mail bikini actually serves a very strategic purpose in battle. As the blacksmith who created it for Sonja says, “If they’re looking at your curves, they’re not looking at your blade.”

red sonja bloody battlefield

Sonja is one of the reasons I have such an issue with the new let’s make Thor a woman attitude from Marvel. There are so many strong women already in comics. Develop them! Promote them! Take these women of comics and turn them into more than just eye candy. You don’t need to take a male character and re-tread it into a female. There are plenty of strong, powerful, beautiful female characters in comics and have always been! Develop them!
Okay, stepping down off my soap box now.
The Legends of Red Sonja is a five book arc told through the narrative of the band of twelve murderers known as the Grey Riders setting out to capture and kill Red Sonja.

“…So this is how it came to pass, that twelve lords of death, twelve gifted murderers, came down from the mountains with but one goal in mind. To kill a small slip of a thing. A girl, some might say. I do not call her a girl, for I know her true nature. We hunt the DEVIL…”

red sonja 3

Five separate comics. Five stand on their own books. Five legends of Red Sonja. Five awesome reasons to pick up this book.

An excellent read.


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