Age of Darkness (Grimm’s Fairy Tales) (Book Review)

age of darkness

Grimm’s Fairy Tales Age of Darkness is a compilation of Grimm’s issues 94-98 and the Dark Queen one-shot which joined together tell the tale of the then Grimm Universe.
The Book begins with a verse from Elton John’s The Bitch is Back. Fitting as it is the return of the Dark Queen. The Dark Queen is from Alice In Wonderland as all of the characters are based, however loosely on a fairy tale character. It is her return that alerts the team known as the Guardians of the Nexus to the evil in their midst.

age of darkness 1

The Guardians consist of Agents Snow, Van Helsing, Hook, Red and Robyn who advance to take on this challenge in a setting very much like Disneyland. These you will recognize as Snow White, Van Helsing of Dracula, Little Red Riding Hood and Robin Hood. All magnificently endowed and scantily clad. There they battle the Dark Queen and try to drive her back into her own universe.
The following books spell out the end of each of the comic lines as the Grimm tales take on a new course under the power of the Dark Queen.

age of darkness 3

Age of Darkness also is a departure from the strong storytelling that had been the staple of the Grimm tales to the artwork in the comics. This is too bad as in the early failure of the Image line launch should have shown the industry, pin-up girl art alone isn’t enough to carry a comic book line. You need to have a strong story telling as well. Something the fan boys will come after week after week. I am far from a feminist and that is not the flag I am waving here. I believe pop culture as a whole has given into the immediate gratification of almost naked beautiful women without the effort to make them more than their exterior. It can be argued that comics have been this way for quite some time. I mean just take a look at Betty Boop. Comics have longed preyed upon the lustful eyes of young teenage and younger boys to drive their market. My argument here is Grimm did that and drove the storyline as well. Something they seem to be losing in favor of pin up art. Though you have to admit, the pin up art is pretty good.
I liked it but if the story had better continuity it would have been much better.


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