Robyn Hood Legend : Grimm Fairy Tales

robyn hood 1

Grimm Fairy Tales: Robyn Hood Legend is the third series in the Robyn Hood line of comics in the Grimm universe. The first two series were incredibly dark, Robyn fleeing modern times to the Grimm realm after a violent gang rape and then the carnage that follows. Ultra violent storylines which sometimes marks the Grimm Fairy Tale lines as the slasher comics. More blood, gore and naked terrified women than real story.
In Robyn Hood Legend they have toned that done considerably and did the unthinkable.
Wrote and illustrated a pretty damn good story.

robyn hood 2

The story begins in modern times where Robyn is a Green Arrow type character. Traveling the dark city streets, taking from the criminal rich and giving to the poor. When suddenly her past comes to visit, literally. Maid Marian, Guy of Gisbourne and the man she loved, who she had watch die, Will Scarlett. They’ve come to take her back to Nottingham. Back through the Myst to face the Dark Horde and the monsters she had left behind.
Robyn goes to fulfill her destiny but at what cost and to whom?

robyn hood 3

Robyn Hood Legends is a well written and illustrated comic series. Relying on tale and pace rather than blood and scantily clad women. The character of Robyn Hood, as she is in this series is ready for mainstream comics. A crime fighting arrow shooting thief; whose relationships between Will Scarlett and Maid Marian would lend itself to some very interesting reading.
A very good tale.


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