Batman – Dark Victory by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale

dark victory 1                 dark victory 2


Time has passed in Gotham City. Time has passed since a killer called Holiday held the city in his grasp. Time since the killer terrorized the streets of Gotham and left blood in his path. Batman and James Gordon caught the killer Holiday, exposed him to be the son of the crime lord Carmine Falcone. HIs own son Alberto Falcone had waged a war on his father’s criminal empire as the serial killer Holiday. But the remains of The Long Halloween can be felt in all corners of Gotham. Carmine Falcone dead. His daughter Sofia left crippled, his son Alberto locked away in Arkham and his other son Mario returning from abroad but determined to remove his family from the criminal rackets. And Harvey Dent. Gotham District Attorney and friend to James Gordon and Batman, lost to them forever. In his wake, the murderer Two-Face.

Gotham has a new District Attorney, Janice Porter, a crusading lawyer who believes the killer Holiday should be freed. His civil rights violated by a vigilante in a bat suit. She believes the Alberto Falcone is mentally ill and would do better under house arrest than in prison facility. She frees Falcone against the wishes of Commissioner Gordon and then begins her own hunt through his department for corruption and graft. But Porter has her own agenda. A friendship with the Falcone family and a relationship with a man hidden in the shadows. Gordon, concerned about his own department, creates his own strike force to root out corruption. But he is haunted, by the loss of his friend. By Harvey Dent.

dark vic gordon dark vic janice  dark victory selina

Gordon: “She’s going to do this. That’s her reputation–to be the bull in a china shop. I can’t work with her office like I could with…like I did before. I don’t know if I can protect you on this one.”

Batman: “That won’t be–and never was–necessary.”

Gordon: “I…I miss him.”

Batman: “Don’t.”

Gordon: “How can you be so cold-hearted? He was my friend. I got drunk with him. We played cards until four in the morning. No matter what he’s become, Harvey was your friend too…”

Enter into this tense moment, a new killer. A killer who plays a child’s game. Hangman. His target is not the Falcone crime family but policemen. Crooked cops who had helped in the rise of the Falcone’s and the fall of Harvey Dent. Arkham has fallen under attack, many of its criminals have been set free. Including Two Face. Did the Falcone’s kidnap Two Face to enact revenge for their father’s death? Or is Two Face free and is he the killer known as Hangman.

dark vic villians  dark vic villians 2

Loeb and Sale have done it again. Dark Victory is a very worthy sequel to The Long Halloween. As in The Long Halloween, the focus is on the human players with the super villains playing supporting roles in the ambitions and vengeance of the Falcone family as they use any means to hunt down Harvey Dent aka Two Face. Janice Porter who is a pawn in her love and devotion her criminal lover. The on again off again failed romance of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle. Its demise fueling the belief in Bruce that he must always be alone. The tragic and heart wrenching death of the Flying Graysons, leaving behind a young boy, Dick, orphaned in much the same manner as Bruce Wayne had been before.

dark vic robin  dark vic robin 2  dark vic robin 3

It is the relationship between Bruce and Dick that convinces Bruce to take on the young protégé. To convince Bruce that perhaps he is not destined to always be alone.

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