Silk – Marvel finally revamps Spider-man without killing off Peter Parker!!

amazing spider man 1        amazing spider man 4


The Amazing Spider-man #1 begins with a flashback. A re-telling of the origin of Peter Parker as Spider-man. Parker is on a school field trip. He is bitten by a radioactive spider. Only in this retelling, the spider lives, long enough to bite a second person that day. A second classmate. Bitten by the radioactive spider that gave Peter Parker his powers to become Spider-Man.

“…a lot can happen in a split second…”

Thirteen years later and we are in the present. Spider-man/Peter Parker has gone through a lot of changes in the past decade. But this tale takes off right after the events of the Superior Spider-man comic line. That is the one where Doctor Octopus took over Peter Parker’s mind and body to show that he could be a better Spider-Man than Parker ever was. Don’t laugh. Over the years Marvel has killed Parker, cloned him, hunted him down, criminalized him, had him lose his home and family, brought that family back only to lose them again, killed his girlfriend, then gave him the sexiest red head in comicdom who has no powers only to take her away again, given him eight arms, sent him into space to face Thanos, gotten possessed by a symbiotic suit only to have it possess Eddie Brock and then become Spidey’s greatest enemy, and then…..Well you get the picture, Parker has been screwed over by Marvel for fifty years. Which is probably what has made him so endearing. At heart, Peter Parker is just one of us.

But back to the current storyline, Parker is back! Doctor Octavious has decided that the only way to do the right thing and do it better than anyone else is to sacrifice himself and give Peter back his mind, body and Spider-man gig. But Peter’s life is different while Ock was in charge. He is now a scientist in charge of his own successful company and living with his partner and fellow scientist Anna Marie Marconi. No MJ, no teaching gig, no poor starving Parker. The Doctor has been busy. Parker goes through the first few issues dealing with normal Spider-man stuff. Taking down Electro and other villains  as well as a run in with Felicia Hardy, The Black Cat. But it is in Issue #4, during a stint with the Avengers (Battling the creatures that killed the Watcher in part of the Original Sin storyline) that Peter learns that another person had been bitten by the radioactive spider that day. A young girl named Cindy Moon. Cindy was taken by the man known as Ezekiel to be trained and then hidden away for her own protection. Lest the hunter known as Morlun find her. Parker frees Cindy and together they find that they share not only the spider powers but a strong and powerful attraction to one another.

silk one   silk two

And as they meet, Morlun awakens.

This story arc is actually a pretty good one. Besides we haven’t seen a real fresh player in the Marvel Universe for some time now. Yes there is a new Thor. But honestly, making Thor a woman is so much pandering to the current social trends than it is in creating a true new character. The Falcon becoming Captain America. Now that one I like, not because we now have Black Captain America, but anyone who has followed the Captain America Universe knows, there really was no other choice. It was a good choice. It was the right choice.

But this is about Silk. A female Spider-man. With all the powers and abilities. And with this overwhelming physical attraction that kicks in whenever they are near one another. It is obvious that Cindy Moon expects to be equal and should be to Spidey, not some trendy new sidekick. Her abilities as Silk are untested but should be pretty strong as she was trained by Ezekiel. They will have to be with Morlun coming on the prowl.

silk in costume

An unexpected twist to this storyline is the Black Cat, Felicia Hardy. She was humiliated by the Doc Ock/Spidey is out for major revenge. I look to see her step up into a more powerful villain role. She has been wavering between a good guy and bad guy persona for way too long and needs to step over to the dark side. It is a little disheartening to see the exact same thing happening in the DC Universe with Catwoman. But I have always felt that the Black Cat has never really gotten her due as a super villain in the Marvel mythos of Spider-man.

silk black cat cover                  silk black cat

But the major news of this storyline is Silk and if early indicators of this comic are anything to judge it by. She is going to become a fan favorite very soon.

This looks to be an exciting and fun addition to the Marvel Universe.


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