Batman/Tarzan Claws of The Catwoman

batman tarzan 5            batman tarzan 4


Bruce Wayne is opening a new wing in the Gotham Museum, bringing treasures and secrets from the deepest and darkest parts of Africa. Treasure hunter and explorer Finnegan Dent has procured these items for Wayne, at a generous price. What Wayne doesn’t know is that Dent has stolen these treasures and the people they were taken from want them back. Also there is an unexpected guest to contend with, John Clayton, Lord Greystoke. Lord Greystoke finds the new museum pieces interesting as well as his host who he suspects to be far more than a playboy philanthropist.

That evening, after the museum has closed, a woman dressed as a cat enters and takes back the treasures Dent had procured. Confronted by the Batman, she is about to be unmasked when they are interrupted by another. One who refers to Batman as Bruce Wayne. Lord Greystoke, known as Tarzan of the Apes, can identify Bruce by his scent.

batman tarzan 2                     batman tarzan 3

The Catwoman is Princess Khefretari of the hidden city of Memnon. Finnegan Dent has attacked the city, with the backing of Wayne and the Museum, and has murdered its people and stolen its treasures. And more, Dent is preparing another expedition to finish what he started in the city of Memnon. Wayne, his identity hidden as Batman, knows he must stop Dent. Tarzan agrees to come along to aid the Batman.

Thus begins Batman’s alliance with Tarzan as they aid the Catwoman of Memnon.

This is a well written comic series from a collaboration between Dark Horse comics and DC. It has nothing to do with the natural history of Batman as the timeline is off. Lord Greystoke would have been around at the time of Bruce’s father Thomas Wayne and not around for the modern day Bruce Wayne. But Ron Marz and Igor Kordey do a great job of transplanting Bruce and his Gotham into the time period of Tarzan of the Apes. Finnegan Dent is a shadow of Harvey Dent and yes there is a time in the story where he is disfigured and left with half a face. But the action is seamless to the story itself and whether or not you knew this is what happens to Dent in the Batman Universes, it works very well here.

It is a team up of not only two major fictional characters, but of two very strong publishing houses and it works very well. This is a fun and exciting story and very original. A good older storyline that is worth picking up for fans of Tarzan and Batman alike.

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