The Wake – Scott Snyder & Sean Murphy


I have become a huge Scott Snyder fan. His work on American Vampire has filled the emptiness in graphic novel horror stories that was left over by end of 30 days of Night. So it was some fanboy eagerness that I picked up the graphic novel collection of The Wake which compiles issues #1-10.

Marine Biologist Lee Archer is offered an opportunity to study a new threat at the deepest depths of the Artic Circle. At the bottom of the ocean, aboard a ghost rig, a creature is captured. A mer-man. But Archer and her team learned that there is far more to this creature than was realized and more so, he is not the only one. Soon they are fighting for their lives but it is not only their lives the creatures are after, but the world itself.

wake 2      wake 3

Two hundred years later the face of the Earth has changed. The oceans have risen and the attacks of the war like creatures of the seas have destroyed the governments and the civilizations of the surface. Leeward is a hunter and scavenger of the ocean, trading the skulls and bodies of the sea creatures for relics of the past. One of which is a transmitter and as she listens one day she hears a distress call. From a Biologist named Lee Archer. Someone who should have died two hundred years ago. Now Leeward must escape the little government that is left and pirates to hunt down the origin of the signal.

wake 4     wake 5

Scott Snyder’s Wake is far more than a science fiction horror tale. While it borrows shamelessly from some, it also wraps itself in the trappings of mythology and the never ending fear of the unknown. While I will agree with some who found the ending confusing, you cannot argue the storytelling and absolutely brilliant artwork that fits this comic so well.

The Wake is massive in scope and does not disappoint in delivery.

A fun book to read and enjoy.


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