Ms. Marvel – Carol Danvers; The Tragic Victim of Marvel’s War on Women.

ms marvel


Ms Marvel, Carol Danvers is one of the most tragic figures in the the Marvel Universe. At a time when a female character would have been a ground breaking act, Marvel instead victimized one of the premiere female characters they have ever created.

Its true that the modern incarnation of Ms Marvel is being heavily publicized and oh so politically correct. A Muslim female superhero. Then there is the female Thor. Spider-man as a minority. Yes Marvel is playing up its politically correct directive to the hilt. There is nothing wrong with that if they do it with strong storylines and make the characters and their tales compelling. But knowing Marvel, it won’t take them long to bring out the boobs and torn costumes and their female characters begin to slide into the B level of the superhero community.

But what was done to Carol Danvers, Ms Marvel, is something that could easily be construed, had it been done today, as an act of terror against women.

Carol Danvers began as a stand out high school graduate who wanted to achieve so much more than was expected of a young girl. She entered the Air Force Academy and rapidly advanced. She became a Major and then due to her superior fighting skills and intellect, was recruited into the CIA. Here she worked with Colonel Nick Fury and was partnered with Colonel Michael Rossi who she also became lovers with. Something of a recurring theme with Carol, because for Marvel, a woman cannot work alongside a strong man and not have sex with him. It was at this time she also worked with a Canadian agent known as Logan. Together, in one of their more famous adventures, they took down the mutant Sabretooth. They also slept together.

After the CIA, Carol took a position with NASA, as security director at Cape Canaveral. It was here she met the Kree warrior, Mar-Vell. And yes they became lovers. See a trend here. A female hero could emerge in Marvel as long as she also moonlighted as the male counterpart’s Bond girl. In the course of one battle the Kree Psyche-Magneton explodes and the ensuing energy blast genetically melds Carol with Mar-Vell. Creating a Kree Human hybrid. A human with Mar-Vell’s powers. This should have been momentous, basically Wonder Woman with Superman like alien powers.

Carol leaves Nasa and becomes a successful writer. J. Jonah Jameson hires her to be his magazine editor for WOMAN. A job she is later fired from for her feminist views. Though as Ms Marvel she does seem to continually have an issue with her costume strategically tearing. Ms Marvel had a lot of wardrobe malfunctions in the Marvel universe.

ms marvel 2

Ms Marvel’s powers emerge as the two personas in Carol begin to emerge. Something like the Hulk or better yet DC’s version of Captain Marvel, SHAZAM! Carol learns to harness her power and the two become one. The ultimate superhero, fighting battles in space and on the Earth. Ms Marvel fights a variety of villians and even joins the Avengers for a time. But it is her final battle with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants that ends her career as a superhero. While that is tragic on its own, it is what happens before that that is even worse.

While Carol is an Avenger she comes to the attention of a being known as Marcus, the son of Immortus, a god like being. Marcus becomes obsessed with Carol and decides he must have her. But he is stuck in a place called Limbo. Using Immortus’ devices, Marcus devises a plan to escape Limbo. Marcus impregnates Carol with a child without her knowledge. The pregnancy only lasts for a few days. and the baby that is born is Marcus himself. He grows rapidly and is quickly a man. He seduces Carol and convinces her to leave with him back to Limbo. All with the blessings of the Avengers who wish them well. Unknown to all was that Marcus was manipulating Carol with mind control. In effect controlling and raping her at his pleasure while the Avengers; Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Vision, The Scarlett Witch…stood by.

But upon returning to Limbo, Marcus cannot halt the rapid aging process he used to become a man so quickly after birth and dies. His death breaks his hold on Carol and she figures out Immortus’ devices to return to Earth. Broken and betrayed. But Marvel is not done with Carol Danvers. It is now that she comes to the attention of the assassin and head of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants; Mystique. Yes that Mystique, who believes that Ms Marvel’s future is linked to that of her foster daughter. Her foster daughter Rogue. Yes that Rogue. The Brotherhood attacks a weakened Ms Marvel and Rogue uses her mutant abilities to rob Marvel of her powers and toss her body into the river.

ms marvel 4

Carol is rescued from he river but has no memories. All her existence stolen by the mutant Rogue. She is taken to Professor Xavier who begins to piece the puzzle of her life back together. A broken shell of the hero she once was. Carol does get to confront the Avengers and their betrayal of her. Her persona that now lives in Rogue convinces the evil mutant to change her ways and she joins the X-Men with Ms Marvel’s powers as now her own.

ms marvel 3        ms marvel 5

But Marvel is not done yet with Carol Danvers. The alien race known as the Brood capture and torture her. In hopes of unlocking the secrets of her Kree and Human genetics. Their experiments turn Carol into the creature known as Binary. As Binary she joins the space heroes known as StarJammers. Who? Exactly.

Marvel would eventually bring Carol Danvers back in various capacities and even giving her back some of her Ms Marvel powers. But she never really recovers from what was done to her.

Let’s recap. She is intelligent, fierce, and beautiful. She cannot accomplish a mission without a male counterpart and sleeping with him. She is mind controlled. Impregnated against her will and forced to carry the child to term. A child who then grows into the man who becomes her lover. She has sex with her own child. All in the Avenger mansion and everyone is okay with that. She is still mind controlled and taken away, kidnapped and raped against her will. And being mind controlled is against your will. It is the ultimate state of being under the influence. Abandoned by her teammates. When she returns, traumatized, she is attacked and stripped of all her power and not only her power, but her identity. And then she gets tortured some more.

All while carrying the banner of being Ms Marvel in the Marvel Universe.

Amazing. Just Amazing. So sorry Marvel, I don’t by your progressive attitude toward women and minorities. Your history speaks too loudly for itself.


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