Outcast, Vol.1: A Darkness Surrounds Him – Robert Kirkman


Outcast, Vol. 1: A Darkness Surrounds Him is the new horror series by the creator of the Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman. After mastering the zombie realm, Kirkman has stepped headlong into the foray of demon possession.

Isolated and on his own, Kyle Barnes is a beaten man. His mother in a psychiatric hospital, his wife and child gone and Kyle himself suspected of domestic abuse. His sister is the only one who stands by him. But her husband, a local police officer suspects Kyle as well of beating his wife and child. What they don’t know, what none of them know is that Kyle only used force against them because they were possessed. Demon possessed. And Kyle, outcast, is the exorcist.

outcast 2

Befriended by a local preacher, Kyle is brought back into the battle against the demons and evil. Back to save a young boy from the dark creature that has taken possession of him. Back to the hauntings of his past. Only in doing so, Kyle has come back to the attention of those dark powers and now they know he is back. Kyle is now the hunted.

Outcast, Vol.1: A Darkness Surrounds Him brings together Outcast issues 1-6. Robert Kirkman’s storytelling is brooding and atmospheric. The suspicions of small town America as it is plagued with an evil it cannot comprehend, turn instead upon that which it does. There are two great battles here. The battle with the demons and evil that plague the people around Kyle and the battle with angst and guilt that rage within him.

outcast 3

A worthy successor to the award winning series Walking Dead. Kirkman shows he is far from a one hit wonder.


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