Lady Killer – Joelle Jones (Dark Horse Comics)

lady killer

It has been awhile since a new book has hit the comic book shelves that makes me think for a moment, that maybe someone is getting this right. Lady Killer by Joelle Jones and Jamie Rick (artwork by Joelle Jones) is one such book and another reason why small press like Dark Horse Comics are so important to the industry today.

Issue one introduces us to Josie Schuller, the epitome of the 1960’s housewife. Unassuming, attractive without being the caricature of the comic book heroine. No over flowing and independent thinking breasts or a spine that contorts and poses like a nymphomaniac elastic woman. No Josie is a housewife and mother of two beautiful girls. She cleans the house and takes care of her children as well as cares for her German, over-bearing mother-in-law. Josie also sells Avon products. Or at least it appears she does.

lady killer 2

We also get to meet the other Josie. The cold blooded and incredibly efficient assassin. Think of  Angelina Jolie (and when don’t I) in Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Without the high powered weapons and Brad Pitt. Just Angelina, in a soft blue Avon calling outfit and an assignment. Josie Schuller is a ruthless assassin, brutal if necessary. But she is a wife and mother as well. How long can she keep her two lives separate? Will she be found out by the police? By her husband? By her domineering and nosy mother-in-law?

lady killer 3

The setting is very Mad Men-esque and it is categorized as a comedy. I’m not sure about that. It is fresh and inventive and in a market that is glutted with super powered and super bodied women, Josie Schuller is a welcome breath of fresh air. Even though it is a somewhat murderous scent in that air.

If the non-Adonis looking guy behind the counter is drooling over a book. That is always a good sign. Pick this one up and give it a read. Also remember the name of Joelle Jones, this is a writer and artist to keep track of.

lady killer 4 lady killer 5



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