Wonder Woman gets a new outfit and …

wonder woman new costume

Wow! “Wonder Woman gets a new outfit,” enter the Joker here. “…and everyone losses their mind…”

The issue at hand seems to be the lack of skin. Yes Wonder Woman is capable of fighting crime and super bad guys while being fully clothed. What a concept. I’m not sure I can really grasp the revelation here. Do you mean to say that short skirts, half cropped shirts or tube tops with independantly moving and unrealistic breasts aren’t necessary to be a super herione?

Oh my, I’m really not sure about this. This is too radical, yes, the thigh high boots are good, but…the skin tight blue pants? No that will just get in her way as she fights for justice.


This is nothing new, the uber popular Batgirl is a young Barbara Gordon with a loose fitting costume that covers her all up. And that book is doing just fine, no loss in crime fighting abilities there.

wpid-digital-illustrations-by-stanley-lau-fantasy-digital-art.jpg.jpeg     when in rome 2

I do have to wonder if the bad girls of comicdom like Catwoman and Poison Ivy will be offered the same amount of covering or will that now be how we tell the bad girls from the good girls?

By how revealing their clothing is. Wow. Isn’t that an advancement in society. Yes that would be something to put into the minds of our young impressionable children. Good girls cover up, bad girls show it off.



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