Lady Killer Issue 2 and 3 – Out Now!!

lady killer 2

After my glowing and drooling review over Lady Killer #1 from Joelle Jones, I missed the release of issue 2. Not because I didn’t go to the comic book store, but because it was sold out. Issue 3, same thing! With the small print run this comic is getting from Dark Horse, it is selling out and now copies of issue 1 or 2 or even 3, are selling on Ebay for over $15! Pretty amazing for a small title from a small press. This is what good word of mouth does for a book.

It sells it!

Luckily I found a small mom and pop shop that had a copy left of each. Seriously just one of each.

So lets catch up!

lady killer 2a          lady killer 2b

When last we left our 1950’s June Cleaver Assassin for Hire; Josie, she was accepting her newest assignment from her handsome and charming handler Peck. She must infiltrate the Private Club and murder one of the patrons. As shown in the first issue, what is really difficult for Josie is having to juggle the life of a career woman (an assassin I know but its a career) and that of a mother and wife in 1950 America. Also there is the obvious sexism she must endure at the hands and words of the men in her profession because, even though she is a killer, she is still a woman. In one scene she is called in to see her main boss Stenholm who questions her dedication to her profession. Bringing into question the wisdom of Josie beginning a family. How a woman attempting to have a professional life and a family would not be suitable for advancement. Stenholm gives Josie her next assignment.

lady killer 3

In issue #3, Josie must decide on whether she can follow through with her assignment. The target is a child. A young boy. Peck her handler is called in by Stenholm who shares his concerns about Josie. Peck is ordered to kill her.

lady killer 3a    lady killer 3b

As you can see, there is a lot going on with this series. From murder, to raising a family, to keeping secrets to the overall struggle of a woman in a man’s world. Josie’s husband is oblivious to all of this, but her mother in law of course is not. That is another level of drama our beautiful killer must juggle. Jones keeps it entertaining and fast paced!

Lady Killer is the sleeper hit of this year. Very well written. Exquisitely drawn. Find yourself a copy and enjoy.

If you can.


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