Batgirl Endgame #1 (new and notable this week!)

batgirl endgame

Batgirl Endgame #1 is out this week and it is a one-shot from the Batgirl series into the storyline of Endgame by Snyder and Capullo that is running throughout the Batman universe. Quick recap on Endgame, the Joker has decided to take over Gotham and has infected all of its citizens with a virus that turns them into mindless Joker zombies. There is a lot more to it but for the purposes of this one- shot, that is more than enough background.

batgirl endgame 2

The title of this comic is The Battle for the Burnside Bridge. As the uninfected citizens of Gotham race across the Bridge, the infected Joker zombies (trust me its much more cooler than it sounds) are in hot pursuit. The police are preparing to blow up the bridge and its up to Batgirl to get as many of the innocents across as she can before they are turned into Joker zombies. One of families still trapped on the Bridge is Lucius Fox and his wife and little girl. It is up to Batgirl to save the Fox family from the Joker zombies and the Bridge blowing up.

batgirl endgame 3

Besides being a cool storyline, this comic does the ridiculous and tells the whole story without any dialogue. Okay, on the final panel Batgirl does go, “Phew!” But that is it. The rest is told in action and text messages and sign languages. You don’t want to talk in the midst of a mob of Joker zombies, that would be the first clue that you are not one of them! The story is instead told through wonderfully illustrated panels of artwork and action. A terrific and gutsy book and one of the reasons this small run of Batgirl books has such a strong following.

Well done, very well done!

One thought on “Batgirl Endgame #1 (new and notable this week!)

  1. I picked this up today, and I usually thumb through but I didn’t. I started reading it (or I thought I was going to read it) and I was surprised to see that there was no dialogue. Yes, it looked good, but I would have liked some story. 😦

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