New and Notable this week! Lady Killer #4! The Dying and The Dead #2! Guardians Team-Up #4!

While most of the comic book world is creaming their jeans over DC and Convergence, my new and notable this week are three lesser known titles. Lady Killer, The Dying and The Dead and Guardians Team- Up!

lady killer 4

Lady Killer #4 (Dark Horse)

As most of you know I have fallen in love with Lady Killer and the beautiful artwork of Joelle Jones. In this issue, after our beautiful femme fatale, Josie (assassin extraordinaire), has refused to follow through with her latest kill. A young boy. She is tracked down by her handler Peck, who has orders to kill her by their boss, Stenholm. Josie escapes and follows Peck to find another assassin, Ruby, who is also being pressured to kill. Will they be able to team up against their boss or will Ruby take out the order to kill Josie?

lady killer 4b           lady killer 4c

There are a lot twists to this story and the artwork is absolutely some of the most unique and best going on right now. Josie is a character that screams to be carried on in more than just this five issue set and hopefully she does. What is special about Josie and how she is depicted is that she is as much a sixties era housewife as she is an assassin. There is very little overt sex appeal her, and yet she captures every page she is on. Lady Killer is my absolute favorite comic going on right now.

dying and dead

The Dying and The Dead #2 (Image)

Issue two of the Dying and the Dead begins with four senior citizens crowded around a table, pooling together their pills; narcotics, to distribute. Doyle takes the pills to see if he can get them to the other people in the home, but he is accosted by one of the male nurses who takes the pills and pushes the older Doyle around. Waiting in Doyle’s room in the senior home is the Colonel. Seems there is more to Doyle than meets the eye and the Colonel is there to recruit him for one last mission. Doyle agrees and on the way out beats the crap out of the male nurse. Together, the Colonel and Doyle recruit other old men from their unit and get ready to take on the mission. The mission is to find an ancient and mystical weapon, and the group is being led their by a ghost.

dying and dead 2

This is one where I kick myself hard. I missed issue one and its sold out in my regular haunts so I am going to have to go searching because the characters, eighty year old plus ass kickers and a ghost are too cool to pass on. Its a good example of Image and their recent commitment to story. The line where Doyle first meets the ghost and asks the Colonel what she is. And the Colonel responds with, “Oh? That? That’s our adult supervision.” That is just too cool.

guardians team up

Guardians Team-Up #4 (Marvel)

Gamorra, of the Guardians of the Galaxy, is trapped by Bounty Hunters and stabbed. She escapes but her stab wound is filled with toxin and she is weak and bleeding. She crashes on Earth where she is immediately mistaken for the She-Hulk. The Bounty Hunters follow her to Earth and find Jennifer Walters, the real She-Hulk instead. She-Hulk and Gamorra team up to take on the Bounty Hunters and clean up some mobsters at the same time.

guardians team up a

Okay this is just my fun one. Not the best story, but it does give a little more insight into the character of Gamorra and how hard it is for her to team up with anyone. The artwork by Otto Schmidt is fun and light. This is what a lot of light humor comic books use to be like before they became wrapped up in social and society woes. Besides two green girls are better than one!


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