Archie vs Predator (Dark Horse)

Archie vs Predator

Also out this week is perhaps the strangest crossover event yet. The gang from Riverdale win a trip to Costa Rica for Spring Break where they attract the attention of the greatest hunter in the galaxy! My curiosity will get the best of me on this one for sure.

Archie vs Predator2

A vicious fight between Betty and Veronica ends up with Betty spewing blood from  her nose and the battle itself has Predator intrigued. Can his arsenal of deadly weapons be a match for Veronica and her handbag? Can Veronica forgive Betty for showing her up in an impromptu fashion show? Will Archie ever get laid?

Archie vs Predator3

There is more blood in this one comic than in all the years of Archie comics. Of course Betty loses some semblance of her clothing and seriously, don’t we all really dig Betty far more than Veronica? There is the ancient blade that Betty accidentally brings back to Riverdale with her, not sure how that gets through security but for her it does. But Predator is on the hunt and don’t we all want to see some of the Archie gang violently killed and skinned? Stay tuned on this one!


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