Prince Namor – The Sub-mariner (Marvel)


This post is something of a trip down memory lane for me. Namor is easily one of my favorite Marvel characters of all time and one that is poorly served in the current Marvel Universe, on paper or screen. The King of Atlantis, Sovereign of all the  Seas, Prince Namor the Sub-mariner was Aquaman before there was Aquaman. Yes, one of the few Marvel characters that preceded his DC counterpart. Namor first appeared in April of 1939, Aquaman did not appear until two years later in 1941.

At times a hero, at times a villain, very often an anti-hero and referred to as the Marvel’s first true mutant. Namor is best characterized as an angry, bitter King, whose isolationist foreign policy keeps him as far from the affairs of surface dwellers as possible. Only getting involved when the actions of such, threaten his home of Atlantis or the Oceans themselves. The son of a human sea captain and a princess of Atlantis, Namor possesses super-strength, the ability to fly and a short temper.

namor 2            namor 3

During the Golden Age of Comics, Namor teamed up with Captain America and the Human Torch (not Johnny Storm, but the original Human Torch which is a different blog for another day) as part of the team called The Invaders to battle Hitler and the Axis powers during WWII. A super hero team that was a precursor to the Avengers. Namor has teamed up with and then fought against during various times, The Fantastic Four, The Avengers, The X-Men and the Hulk. His super strength has put him in the ring, toe to toe with the Hulk, Thor and the Thing. Of late, he has been part of the Illuminati with Reed Richards, Doctor Strange, Iron man and Professor X. The group that thought it well to exile the Hulk into space and then herald Marvel’s World War Hulk.

namor 4          namor 7

One aspect of Namor that has been getting quite of bit of mention in the Marvel world is his obsession with the very married and very morale, Sue Richards of the Fantastic Four. Yes, the Invisible Woman who is married to Reed Richards, Mr. Fantastic. The feelings Namor has for Sue, well Sue has for Namor as well so perhaps Mr. Fantastic is not all that Fantastic after all. This is different from most Marvel hook-ups in that Sue’s and Namor’s relationship is one of a forbidden love. One that Reed has to have noticed and one that is somehow more romantic than lustful. Sort of a Romeo and Juliet that is never to be fulfilled. Yet in this, Sue never loses her image and Namor, well he never was a good guy. So he’s angry, bitter and horny too.

namor 6     namor 5

Unfortunately, like Spider-man, somehow Marvel does not own the movie rights to Namor and that may be the reason he is not being prominently featured in the storylines of late. But with the excitement of Aquaman coming about, I felt we should remember a character that deserves better than he is getting.

But then again…it is Marvel.


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