Grayson, Vol. 1: Agents of Spyral by Tim Seeley


Grayson, Vol. 1: Agents of Spyral by Tim Seeley is a refreshing and ambitious take on the character of Dick Grayson, Robin the Boy Wonder, Nightwing and part-time Batman. Now a secret agent for the sinister group known as Spyral.

A quick recap finds Grayson presumed dead, his identity compromised by the Crime Syndicate. Grayson is floundering, no longer Robin and no longer able to be Nightwing. He is recruited by Spyral to become their newest agent, #37. Dick accepts the challenged but is actually working for Batman and the Justice League. He is deducted into Spyral by Helena Bertinelli and his first mission finds him battling the Midnighter. He has several other missions, but his nightly excursions have him followed by the young female cadets, so to punish him, Spyral has his identity changed to that of a young gay athletics teacher at the St. Hadrians School. Dick must keep his mission secret and yet fulfill the missions assigned to him by Spyral. He is the ultimate in a double agent.

grayson 2        grayson 3

Grayson is an entertaining and smartly written comic. This one may be more to the true character of the original Robin grown into a man than Nightwing could ever be. In Nightwing you always had the sense that Dick was one tragedy from turning into Bruce. Here he is freed. He is Dick Grayson, secret agent. The shadow of the Bat no longer hangs over him. He is fast, funny and lethal. Everything the darker and moody Nightwing could not be.

Grayson is one of the successes of the New 52 line and with the upheaval of the current Convergence storyline, one we all help will stay in DC. Grayson has matured and stepped into his own. In the recent history of the Batman comics Dick has fallen aside, with the emergence of Damian and the return of Jason Todd. Dick has become something of the prodigal son. Popping in and out but no longer really a part of the Batman storyline. Almost as if DC had somehow forgotten what to do with him.

Agent #37 turns Dick into a James Bond type of character and it works.

A fun and brightly written comic.


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