Favorite Convergence moment so far! Thomas and Bruce Wayne meet!

convergence 2a

I have to admit, that for me, Convergence from DC has been pretty much a let down. A multi-dimensional WWE grudge match that leaves little room for in depth back stories. For the investment DC has put into the project, I hope it gets better but I seriously have to wonder if it will. It seems like the powers that be at DC have realized that they have way too many alternate universes and too many alternate storylines going and its time to trim down. Unfortunately they chose to make a buck while doing this and have come up with a confusing and pretty uninspired storyline to do it with.

However, there is one moment so far that I have to say, they hit right on the nail. Not so much for what was said but for what wasn’t. Of course there is the teaser that later on we find out what transpired but for now, we are left to wonder.

It is the meeting in Wayne Manor between Earth #2 Batman and our Batman. The meeting between Thomas Wayne Sr. and his son, Bruce Wayne. Earth #2 superheroes along with media reporter Dick Grayson are transported to Earth where Batman (Thomas Wayne) heads toward the Batcave and Wayne Manor to find help. When questioned by Dick Grayson how he knows where the secret entrance is, Thomas replies, “Because that’s where I would have put it…” or something to that effect. Thomas, from his experience with the Flash during the storyline of Flashpoint and if you haven’t read or watched it in animation yet; what the hell is your problem? Flashpoint is awesome but that is a rant for another blog! Thomas enters the Batcave and moves up toward the manor. Alfred, alerted by the alarm, confronts Dick Grayson in the Batcave as Thomas moves up the stairs. He realizes what is about to happen when a father, in whose universe his son is dead, meets a son, in whose universe his father is dead. Alfred knows to leave them alone. Father and son. Batman and Batman. Born brought to this moment by strength and grief. Both needing this one moment to be with one another.

convergence 2b          convergence 2

The scene is only a few pages long and the story moves forward, toward mainly through the eyes and crybaby whining of Dick Grayson. But for a moment, it is there.

This is what DC does so well and Marvel does by accident or overdoes with unnecessary fanfare. DC makes our superheroes, for a moment…human.

Well done.


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