Thor’s secret identity is revealed…and is another case of Marvel Deja Vu

Jason Aaron, who writes the Thor series for Marvel, says the female Thor is here to stay.


On Wednesday, Thor #8 will hit the stores and the secret identity of the new female Thor will be revealed! One of the latest moves in Marvel’s pandering to the politically correct regime in media and social media…who by the way Marvel, doesn’t buy your damn comics!! Bobby Drake, the Iceman is gay, Thor is a woman, The Avengers has an all female group, Captain Marvel is Muslim and Captain America is African-American. Actually I really like that last one but not for the reasons Marvel did it. But that’s a rant for another day.

female thor 2

But back to Thor, the Goddess of Thunder and the big reveal. She is…..ta da!…

Dr. Jane Foster. Yes, that, Doctor Jane Foster.

Now before all you johnny come latelys start praising Marvel for this move, you have to understand one thing; they did it before.

female thor 4

Jane Foster took up the mantle of Thor and wielded the hammer Mjolnir back in 1978. Yes back in 1978 in a comic book called, “What if…” Vol. 1, issue #10, August of 1978. Jane takes up the hammer when Thor is trapped in his human body of Dr. Donald Blake and has no memory of being the Thunder God. Jane finds Mjolnir and battles as Thoris. She defeats Loki and returns him to Asgard, but Odin is so offended by her wielding the hammer, he casts her out of Asgard and back to Earth. She remains on Earth with the hammer and all of Thor’s powers. She even is affiliated with the Avengers for a time. Blake eventually proves himself worthy and the hammer and identity of Thor is returned to him. But for a time, in 1978, Thor was a woman and she was Dr. Jane Foster.

female thor 5

So sorry Marvelites, this is nothing new. It is rehashed from more courageous and adventurous writers of an earlier time. It has been re-packaged and re-sold with all the publicity and fanfare but in the end. Its just the same old Marvel with the same old storyline.  It will sell some books that is for sure. All the collectors who want to say they have that one issue where the identity is revealed. But overall, the storyline is not doing quite so well and I expect to see Thor returned to his original fairly soon.

So why am I not too ticked off. Thor is Dr. Jane Foster. Dr. Jane Foster is Natalie Portman. Natalie Portman who is a Goddess all her own. Please, please, please….Marvel…make this movie and I will forgive you all else you have done. Well maybe not all, but you have to admit, Natalie Portman wielding Mjolnir and kicking ass would be every fanboy’s dream.

female thor 3

So if you want to have the book, just like you had to have Bobby Drake’s coming out party…then by all means pick it up. But if Marvel wants the real comic book world to follow…raise the level of the story!


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