The Amazing Spider-Man – Renew Your Vows

renew your vows

With the onslaught of Battleworlds and Secret Wars, Marvel rolls out a new storyline for Peter Parker as the Amazing Spider-Man and in this one they have righted some wrongs that went unanswered. But as they say, with great power, comes great responsibility. Marvel reverses the happenings in the Clone Saga and One More Day by bringing back the Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson love affair. And not only bring it back but bring it to the point it would be today. Married with a child. But marriage and fatherhood creates new challenges for Peter. Super heroes are missing and some are even turning up dead. The Avengers offer Spider-man and his family sanctuary in their mansion but while Peter is there he learns of a prison break and he knows that can only mean one thing.

renew your vows2     renew your vows 4

As Spidey battles Venom in his own home, the Avengers fall under attack from an enemy with the combined powers of the X-Men and it ends with devastating results. For Spider-man he understands that he must fight and possibly cross lines he never would have before, with his wife and child in danger.

renew your vows 3    renew your vows 5

Issue one ends with Peter walking his daughter, heroes gone, and criminals going unpunished.

Renew Your Vows is startling and incredibly well written, something that is different for Marvel. It takes off fast and strong and the banter between MJ and Peter has been missed. Peter’s conflict with being husband and father and Spider-man is the main theme in this book. The obvious destruction of all the superheroes lends itself to a curious direction this book will go down.

This is a title Marvel should keep and pursue, hopefully they will do it right. For now I will say it is off to a very good start.


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