Batman – down the rabbit (ears) hole

rabbit ear batmanrabitt ear bat dc

This week, DC unveiled its long awaited, and badly kept secret; the new Batman. With the apparent death of Bruce Wayne, in battle deep in the underground caverns beneath Gotham with the Joker, the Batman is gone. A void felt in the great city, one that the criminal element is quick to take advantage of. But the GCPD has other ideas and they come up with: Bugs Bunny Robocop!!

Okay maybe not that bad but still….as a long time Batman fan I am having a tough time taking this one serious. And the Dark Knight line of books has always been one you could take seriously. Even with the Joker around.

But this?

rabbit batman 3

Yeh, this one is kind of hard to take.

rabbit batman 2

Robo – Batman is actually James Gordon, buffed up and head in a mohawk, strapped into a Battle-suit ready to fight crime along side the GCPD and not as a vigilante.

Batman tells the transition tale from Gordon’s side of the story as he is recruited out of retirement to take on the role by the current Commissioner. It does end, as it begins, with a solitary figure on a park bench, and as a man walks by he seems to recognize the figure and queries, “Bruce…Bruce Wayne?”

Detective Comics takes the transition from the side of the team recruited to work alongside the Robo – Bat. As Harvey Bullock is talked into joining the squad. Harvey who is searching for the real Batman, unable to accept his death. There is a very disturbing panel where Harvey is getting it on and there is silhouetted, some very unattractive and hairy nude shots of Bullock in bed. Could really have done without that.

rabbit batman superman

And of course, Batman/Superman, with a diminished Superman. His identity blown and his powers hardly what they once was, Clark Kent travels to Gotham to find Bruce, unaware of what has transpired. Superman suited up in his casual Friday outfit is not quite so imposing to criminals and police alike.

I may be being a bit harsh here, but those ears. Seriously, those freakin’ ears. Here’s hoping some good stories come out of this, but if not…


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