Empty Zone – Jason Shawn Alexander (Image)

empty zone

“…A man…a friend…told me once that I had become practically invisible. A ghost. That I was barely even here at all. How can I be a ghost, I asked, if I’m still waiting to die…”

empty zone2

In the early days my issue (issue lol get it…issue…you know like comics come in issues and I had an issue…okay) with Image Comics is that they had no respect for the storyline and thought that their panoramic artwork was enough. Granted they had some serious artwork going on in those first issues of Spawn, Wildcats and so on. But how long can you look at a mural before you want to know exactly what the hell is going on? So story, story, story.

empty zone 3

Which brings us to Jason Shawn Alexander and the release of Empty Zone. A dark, haunting, futuristic science fiction horror story. There are robots and bounty hunters and sex with dead zombie like things and ghosts and …get the picture? The main character Corrine with the metal, Terminator looking right arm is a mess. Think Ripley with a heroin habit she can’t break.

empty zone4

There is something very dark and scary happening in the Empty Zone and its worth jumping on as it gets moving. A terrific first book!


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