Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps #1

captain marvel

Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps #1 is one of the refreshing and new books to come out of Marvel’s Battleworlds revamp and there may not be a more deserving character in Marvel Comic lore to deserve this than Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel. Carol was the first and best female Captain Marvel and has been abused, raped, mentally, emotionally and physically by Marvel over the years. (Please see a prior post on this blog for insight to how horribly treated this character has been by the powers that be and were at Marvel Comics) She has been relegated to a minor status, a victim of the superhero world around her. A very strange thing to do to the female superhero that should have been your banner character. But that is the past and this new book seems to be taking a whole different outlook on Carol…hmm…maybe because there’s a movie expected out in the next year or so?

captain marvel 2       captain marvel 3

Written by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Kelly Thompson, Carol Danvers is back to being the fighter pilot she was in the beginning of her character as she leads a squadron of female pilots known as the Banshee Squadron. The squadron is nicknamed “The Carol Corps” and they have an almost throw back feel to their attitude and how they appear. Women breaking through the barriers to do the job that was once solely a man’s domain. It has the feel of early post WWII, the intrigue and counter-intelligence behind the missions handed out to the Carol Corps reeks of betrayal and subterfuge. Danvers begins to sense early on that perhaps the true enemy is not her targets but those calling the shots behind her.

captain marvel 4

As in this timeline of the Marvel Universe, all work at the will and desire of the master Victor Von Doom and Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps are no exception. To question is treason. So Carol and her band of fighter pilots must tread carefully and be very careful of who they do and don’t trust. This first issue sets the ground rules early on and looks to be a promising addition to the Marvel lexicon.

“Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps” #1 is a refreshing take on the character and one that should not be missed. Hopefully when the dust clears in this Marvel timeline, this will be one of the books to survive.


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