Ultimate Comics X: Origins by Jeph Loeb


Ultimate Comics X: Origins by Jeph Loeb takes place shortly after the events in Ultimate X-men where the deaths of most of the X-Men take place and mutants go into hiding. Normally this would be a terrific opportunity to bring new characters into the fray, much as what happened when Marvel released its 2099 line a few years back. And with Jeph Loeb at the helm you would expect the stories themselves to be strong and emotionally gripping.

ultimatex2      ultimateX3

They’re not. There is actually very little about this comic that is compelling, even the Hulk joining the mutants doesn’t quite do it. There is a new Angel who looks much more like a gargoyle. The son of the Blob who is, well pretty much the Blob. Quicksilver, Mystique and Sabretooth are the bad guys, but aren’t they always? The biological son of Wolverine joins the good guys, so it’s basically the same cast of characters but the next generation. And unfortunately there isn’t anything about this next generation that makes it worth following.

With one exception. Karen Grant. Also known as Jean Grey.

ultimateX4     ultimatex5

With the deaths of all the X-Men, Jean has gone into hiding and now goes by the name of Karen Grant. But when circumstances force her to step back into the fight, she is now the defacto leader of the new X-Men. And she is a tougher and far more brutal Jean Grey. Karen carries this tale and it is her that we flip the pages for. But this is a team oriented story and in this it fails. Had it been about Jean alone, it might have been worth the telling.

A sad and poor effort from one of the prevailing writers in comics today.


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