Velvet, Vol 2: The Secret Lives of Dead Men – Ed Brubaker

Velvet, Vol 2: The Secret Lives of Dead Men is another winner from the Ed Brubaker stable of gritty graphic novels. Vol 2 ties together issues 6-10. Velvet Templeton is a spy in the mold of gritty, bloody killers who never could quite put the cold war behind them.

Velvet is figuring out that the assignment and killing that has kept her sidelined may not have been all it was meant to be and her slide into madness may be the perfect cover for exacting her revenge. After, killing your husband will do that to a person. Now she is coming back to London, to take on her employers and the spy machine that lied to her. As she investigates she begins to understand that those closest to her were using her and that the truth is much darker than she imagined. But she has been out of the game for some time now and is she sharp enough to take on professional killers? To do so she may need to align herself with a political prisoner who may be even more dangerous than what she is already facing.

velvet2       velvet3

For fans of the dark and moody Captain America: Winter Soldier series this is perfect. An aging spy. A corrupt system. Secrets too damaging to come to the light of day. A killing that should not have been. Brubaker has created in Velvet a character that deserves to be made into a mainstream venue. If there are movie producers out there, here is a great one for you. Just don’t screw it up.

velvet4        Velvet8

I am a huge fan of Brubaker’s crime series Fatale and when I saw this one open for review on Netgalley as a graphic novel I had to pick it up. It does not disappoint. There is a story here and like any good spy novel, it leaks out bit by bit. Velvet herself is an intriguing character. Not your typical buxom blonde, but more a streetwise, gritty grown up woman with heartache and regret. Trying to right a terrible wrong she has done. I am eager now to pick up the first Volume of this series and see where the next series leads.

A terrific read!


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