Old Man Logan (2015)

oldman logan       oldman logan1

In 2008-2009, Mark Millar wrote is considered by many to be one of the very best Wolverine stories ever. More so because it had so little to do with Wolverine but with Logan. Now married, with children and self exiled on a farm after what can only be seen as an apocalypse of epic proportions. All the heroes are dead. The villains of Marvel figured out if they worked together, all of them, then the heroes could not stand a chance. The Avengers fell. All the individual heroes were hunted down and murdered. And the X-Men, well the X-Men died at the hands of one of their own.

oldman logan2

Wolverine would kill the X-Men in berserker mode. As Mysterio, a villain best known in the Spider-Man comic books for creating intense illusions, convinces Wolverine that the X-Men are in fact villains attacking and killing the X-Men. He goes on the attack and kills who he believes to be the enemy, only to find out later, that he in fact, had murdered his own team. Unable to deal with the reality of his actions, he disappears.

oldman logan3

He retires to a farm and watches as the world is carved up by the super villians. The United States becoming territories. His farm is owned by the Banners, the children of Bruce Banner, The Hulk. As he leaves on a mission with Hawkeye, his family is murdered by the Banners for a debt owed. It is too much and Old Man Logan reverts to the killing machine he once was.

oldman logan4

Seven years later, Michael Bendis picks up the story and Old Man Logan is back. It is a bleak and dark future. Scattered children of heroes and villains are left to run a world of tyranny and torture. Logan must find his way through this and in the interim battle old friends and enemies. This is one of the best Marvel titles going right now and it is only in its second issue. The artwork is shadowy and dim, the story a journey that Logan must now make to see if he can undo some of the wrong he has done. The White Queen still exists but just barely. Remnants of the mutants are still there but are they real or a trick. His enemies still exist and Logan is only a shell of who he once was.

oldman logan5

Millar wrote one of the best comic series ever and here’s hoping Bendis can keep the story going.

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