Emma Frost Friday

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Emma Frost, the White Queen, is perhaps the only Marvel Character in the X-Men Universe to have so completely changed alliances and her position in the Marvel Universe without changing herself. She has gone from White Queen of the Hellfire Club, Leader of the Hellions, to fighting alongside of the X-Men in the Phalanx Covenant to member of the X-Men to eventual leader alongside lover Scott Summers. emma frost 2

emma frost 3

In her earliest incarnation, Emma was a forminable enemy. Her psychic abilities rivaling those of Professor X and Jean Grey. Alongside Sebastian Shaw she forged the Hellfire Club into one of the greatest enemies of the X-Men. She first appeared in the Dark Phoenix Saga of the X-Men line and she proved that a female could be a powerful and deadly enemy. But it was during the series, the Phalanx Covenant, with her team of Sabretooth, Jubilee and Banshee that Frost took the side of the X-Men and mutants.

emma frost 4     emma frost 5

It was during this time that she also began her relationship with Scott Summers, the X-man Cyclops. She is credited with bringing him back into the fold of the X-Men so to speak after the death of Jean Grey and loss of Jean Grey. Emma took on a far larger role as a leader of the team as well, becoming a surrogate Charles Xavier to the new team. But unlike Jean and Charles, there is always that dark side to Emma. She is not above making hard decisions and perhaps sacrificing a life or two if it is for the greater good. It is for these reasons she is never truly trusted by the older X-Men like Storm, Rogue and Wolverine.

Emma Frost is the new true leader of the X-men as is depicted in the post apocalyptic new series Old Man Logan. She is battle ready but also a shrewd negotiator as depicted in her conversations with that unholy bastard Tony Stark during the Civil War run. It is unfortunate that most Marvel fans will only know her from her actions in the X-Men movie First Class.

So here’s to Emma Frost, The White Queen, leader of the X-Men.

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