Notable #2s – second issues in a new series worth taking a look at!

Everyone runs for first issues, but the second issue of a comic run often hooks the reader or loses them. With the upheaval in the DC and Marvel Universes, many books are getting a re-boot or short series to tell their version of what is happening in their Universes and how it impacts their characters. Here are a few that came out recently worth taking a look at following along.


Justice League #42 – The Darkseid War (DC)

Though not a second issue in the Justice League series, it is the second issue in the Darkseid War.

“…Tell me, my Lord. This war. Is it about capturing your daughter? Destroying the Anti-God? Revenge against the Justice League? What are we fighting for…”

Motives are often unclear when Darkseid is involved. But this book has all the cosmic forces battling. Superman and Luthor, trapped on Apokolips. The Justice League and Metron battling Gods. An ancient Amazonian known as Myrina Black who considers herself humanity’s savior. And the birth of a New God.


Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps (Marvel)

I wrote about the first issue of this comic and the second issue picks up well and carries on at full steam. Written and drawn as if this were a WWII war movie about renegade pilots and their leader, as the old television show, BAA BAA Black Sheep. Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel, leads her squadron into battle in the air but knows her true battles lie within as she begins to unravel the lies and betrayals among her superiors and the powers she serves in this part of Doctor Doom’s Battleworld.

empty zone

Empty Zone (Image)

This book captures all the science fiction, futuristic noire qualities that we came to love in such classics as Blade Runner. In Empty Zone, Corrine, a bounty hunter of sorts is beginning to unravel a dark conspiracy where humanity is being used as body parts for the creation of zombie like cyborgs. There is much more to it than that but I will leave the story telling to comic itself. Very dark. Very good.


The Amazing Spider-Man – Renew Your Vows (Marvel)

In a future where superheroes have been hunted and killed by an all powerful being and now dictator of Earth known as the Regent, the remaining few have gone into hiding. Peter Parker has put aside his Spider-Man dies and now works hard just to care and protect his family with Mary Jane and their daughter Annie. But Annie has inherited her father’s powers and as a child, it is very difficult for her hide who she is. Regent employs super villains to hunt down other super beings and they are now after Annie.

old man logan 2

Old Man Logan (Marvel)

I will be brief on this one as I have already blogged on this book but it deserves to be mentioned here along with the rest. Old Man Logan when it first came out was a unique and twisted view of the future where all the superheroes had been killed by a united uprising of the supervillians. The world has fallen under control of various evil factions and the hero once known as Wolverine has gone into hiding, the overwhelming guilt of murdering the X-Men being too much for him to bear. This series picks up where the first one left off, now alone, Logan, much older and slower, is searching for what is left of this world and his place in it.


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