Wonder Woman #41


I will readily admit that I have never been a strong Wonder Woman fan. I loved the TV show but cannot say that I ever really followed the comic books themselves. Sadly, if asked to say what my favorite comic book Wonder Woman storyline is, I couldn’t. I just don’t have one. To me, Wonder Woman has always been part of a team. Whether as part of the Justice League or with Batman and Superman, but rarely on her own. Her recent comic book run alongside Superman as a couple has been interesting and I never felt she played a weaker or lesser role, but still not as her own superhero.

wonder woman 41 2     wonder woman 41 4

The new 52 was suppose to change all that but like much about the new 52, it was really was the same old story with just new artwork. But then there was issue #38 and the emergence of Donna Troy as the new leader of the Amazons of Themyscira and the eventual bloodbath that followed as Donna tried to take the crown from Diana. It was this three issue arc and Diana’s return and reclaiming of her crown that finally caught my attention. This was a different Wonder Woman.

“…I was still just a girl when I first put on this costume and left Themyscira for the world of Men. A girl with a lot to prove…to her mother…to the Amazons…to herself. I lost a lot and learned a lot since then. About myself, and the people around me. I’ve taken on roles that I never wanted, but couldn’t refuse. Everyday is a struggle to do justice to those roles, while remaining true to myself. The new costume is a symbol of that. It’s a reflection of everything I am now. God. Queen. Warrior for Justice. It’s finally time for me to leave the girl behind…and embrace the woman I’ve become…”

wonder woman 41 3

Issue #41 introduces the new costume and was often leaked on the internet, covers a lot of what once was revealing in her prior costume. Its a statement. After all if Batman and Superman where costumes that aren’t revealing legs and cleavages? Then why does Wonder Woman need to? Gone is the one piece bathing suit and here comes a form fitting battle armor a Spartan would love. This is a Wonder Woman who demands to be taken seriously. Here’s hoping the comic book world does because life is not going to get any easier for Diana Troy.


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