Deathstroke Gods of War by Tony Daniel


Deathstroke Vol 1: Gods of War by Tony Daniel is a reboot of the character that will no doubt gain further notoriety with the upcoming film, The Suicide Squad. In Gods of War Daniel retools Deathstroke by giving him two eyes and making him younger, a change that actually works against the assassin.

deathstroke 2

Deathstroke goes on assignment, accompanied by his love interest Angelica to take down a villian known as Possum. But Deathstroke is betrayed and in the ensuing battle is so badly wounded his healing factor (ala Wolverine and Deadpool) can’t catch up. As he recuperates with the help of an old friend, he undergoes changes. His eye is healed so that he now has two and his body becomes that of a much younger man. Still not fully healed he is attacked again by the same group. He escapes but is now aware that cadre of assassins that are after him are sent by Lady Shiva and a villain called Odysseus, who happens to be Deathstroke’s father. To make matters even more complicated, Odysseus has kidnapped Deathstroke’s son who own powers are becoming out of control. Gods of War story line is the tale of Deathstroke attempting to rescue his son from his father with the help and hindrance of Angelica, Possum, Lady Shiva, Harley Quinn, Batman and his daughter, Rose Wilson.

deathstroke 3

What is best about Deathstroke Gods of War is undoubtedly the artwork. It is big and bold and hearkens back to the early days of Image comics. But what Deathstroke does that the early days Image could not, is that it actually tells a story and a fairly good one at that. The search to save a son who doesn’t trust him and to battle a father who would kill him, creates alot of introspection in Deathstroke and Daniel does not shy away from it. Besides its also pretty cool to see a battle with the Batman from the opponents viewpoint.

deathstroke 4

A terrific comic run that should be noticed and followed.


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