Spider-Verse (Marvel)


There are 20 comics in the Spider-Verse tale, that is not counting another 15 comics that were considered Edge of Spider-Verse tales. No doubt, this was a huge undertaking for Marvel. A story that would resonate throughout comic-book-dom for ages to come. And as usual with Marvel, it landed with a resounding thud. Have we not learned from the Clone saga? Here is a brief synopsis of the story.

In all the alternate realities of all the variations of the Marvel Universes, there are Spider totems. Characters that are, male and female, for lack of a better word, Peter Parker rip offs. In Spider-Verse, Marvel thins the herd. Killing off Spider-Men and Women left and right. There is also a Spider-pig and Spider-monkey and something that looks like a Spider-transformer because if you can sell the toy to Hasbro, then obviously it needs its own comic.

spiderverse 2

Morlun and his family of Inheritors are traveling through the web of life and killing the Spideys. Sucking the life out of them like vampires. To stop them, our favorite Spider-Man must gather the forces of all the remaining Spider-men and women to take on Morlun and his family before the Spideys of all universes are killed and the web of life destroyed. But in fighting Morlun, Peter must face the darker reality of Spider-man, the Superior Spider-Man that Dr. Otto Octavius.

spiderverse 3

Essentially the storyline sounds like it would be pretty awesome but like most of what Marvel does, it cannot hold over a long period of time and twenty freaking comics is was too long of a period of time for Marvel to actually maintain a good story. Instead it trolls into becoming an opportunity to give lesser known and totally forgotten Spideys to give out a last hurrah and go down fighting. It also takes the opportunity to introduce a new group of Spideys to the fold and help launch them into their own labels. Can we say cheap ass marketing ploy. That would of course be the anointed want to be fan favorite Spider Gwen.

spiderverse 4spiderverse 5

Over all, though it has some good moments, it fails to sustain a good story and hopefully will be relegated to the status of forgotten Marvel tales where it belongs.

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