The Darkseid War (…so far…)

darkseid war    darkseid war2

The seeds of The Darkseid War were sown way back in 2011 and in many ways was the catalyst for the start of DC’s the New 52, but we will forgive them for that. What is relevant to consider in this storyline that in the midst of DC’s Convergence, The Darkseid War started off quietly and may be the best comic arc DC has going. It promises to be everything that Convergence and Marvels Secret Wars is not, and that is entertaining.

Back in 2011, the Justice League defeated Darkseid and his Parademons. Now the Ruler of Apokolips is back with his ire raised toward a new adversary. The Anti-Monitor. Two of the most powerful and destructive villains in DC’s Universe war against each other with humanity in the midst. Worlds become nothing more than collateral damage.

darkseid war 3

But Darkseid’s motives are not obvious to all. For it is not just war he is after, but his daughter, Grail. Born of Darkseid and the Amazon assassin Myrinna. Born on the same day as the Amazon Queen Hippolyta gave birth to Diana aka Wonder Woman; Grail would grow to become a powerful being. darkseid 4

Not to be lost in the action and story is what DC has also done in the first two issues of this comic arc. They have also done it without fanfare, without pounding their chests and appearing on the view to tout their progressive stand. Something Marvel is unable to understand and sustain for any length of time. DC is telling a story where the female characters are as powerful, as deadly, as important and relevant to the tale as their male counterparts. The Amazons; Diana, Myrinna, and Grail drive the story forward.

darkseid 5

But the Darkseid War has other surprises in store for the comic book world. At the end of Justice League #42, comes the birth of a New God.

darkseid 6

If that, and that alone, doesn’t make you salivate for Justice League #43, then you just have got no soul.


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