The Sinners – Criminal Vol 5 by Ed Brubaker


Ed Brubaker is a BADASS. He takes the vision of Frank Miller’s Sin City and turns it into seedy town USA. From this underbelly he has created his Criminal series and Volume 5, The Sinners carries on the series to bloody and disturbing heights. This is noire. Dark, gritty, and sweaty. You will want to wash your hands when you are done with this graphic novel, to scrub the nail from beneath your nails and the drying copper smelling blood from your hands. But like Lady MacBeth, it won’t come clean.

sinners 3

This graphic novel collects comic books 1-6 of The Sinners series and follows one of Criminal’s favorite characters, Tracy Lawless, as he works for the mob in the city. Breaking legs, busting knee caps and putting well placed bullets where they belong. But now, some of the bad guys are beginning to turn up dead. Its up to Lawless to figure out if there is a mob war coming or a vigilante on the loose. Problem is, does Lawless really want these killings to stop. Because the dead bodies belong to men who’ve done really bad things, to some really good people. But as is when you start to lift the cover on the dirty and corrupt city, you find the underbelly even worse.

sinners 2
With his artist partner, Sean Phillips at his side, Brubaker tells another great story of blood and danger. There is no good guy here. Just bad to worse. If you have never read Brubaker, this is one of the real treats out there in the comic book world.

A terrific book. A terrific comic. A must read.


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