Batman and Robin: The Hunt for Robin

batman robin

What do you do when the son you barely knew existed, and just recently got to have near you, is killed? Killed by order of his mother no less? Then the bodies of the boy and his mother are dug up from their graves by your arch enemy and taken away? Well if you are Batman, you go on the hunt.

This is Batman and Robin Vol. 6: The Hunt for Robin.

Damian Wayne, the son of Bruce Wayne and Talia Ah Ghul, is murdered. His stint as the new Boy Wonder, Robin, cut short by an assassin. Bruce Wayne, Batman, mourns the death of his son and the loss of his once true love, Talia when the unthinkable happens. The bodies and sarcophagus of both are stolen. Dug up from their graves by Talia’s father and Damian’s grandfather, Ras Ah Ghul. Ras plans to take the pair to a hidden location, in search of the Lazarus Pit with which he believes he can bring them back to life. But Bruce knows that cannot happen and goes after Ras. But can he reach him in time.

batman and robin 3

This collection, Batman and Robin #29-34, as well leading into Robin Rises: Omega, comprises the storyline that will lead into the resurrection of Robin. Only not as Ras plans. It also details the loss of Talia’s body and the eventual disappearance of Ras Ah Ghul himself. Of course they will not stay away long, these are comic book characters after all.

batman and robin2

The Hunt For Robin is one of the better storylines to come out of the Grant Morrison take on the Batman saga concerning Talia and the birth and raising of Damian. His take has been controversial and reckless to say the least. But The Hunt For Robin shows a Batman who is more Bruce Wayne than Caped Crusader. More father of a child than Dark Knight. The strong infusion of humanity into the character at the loss of his child brings back the young child Bruce Wayne who lost his parents.

Strong storytelling and beautiful artwork make this a powerful telling in the Batman history.

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