Descender by Jeff Lemire

Descender by Jeff Lemire came into being amid huge fanfare and critical acclaim and it is well deserved. There is perhaps nothing like this comic out in the medium right now and may have never been. Hidden behind this tale of a lost and abandoned little robot are the underlying demons of our own society. This is the tale of loss and brutality and the heartache of loneliness.

With the writing of Jeff Lemire and the artwork of Dustin Nguyen, Descender is book that should quickly garner a cult following. In this futuristic world, bounty hunters are looking for the remains of robots that they will take to the scrap yards for a fee. It is in this world that a small boy refered to as Tim awakens. He has been in a sleep state for years and the world that he had known is gone. More so, Tim is not just a boy, he is in fact, an android. A robot known as TIM-21.

descender 2       descender 3

Tim awakens to a world, where his memories are slowly working back to him. All the humans who he had served, who had treated him as one of their own, are dead and gone. Their remains litter the small deserted mining camp. But there is more for TIM-21 to worry about. The bounty hunters who are searching for him. The others that want him for their own needs and the untapped power hidden in his small body.

Descender is science fiction that is not comic book in its material at all. It hearkens to Clarke and Asimov in its subject matter. Presented through the experience of a small robot with the innocence and fear of a young child. TIM-21 is a new age re-telling of Pinocchio. A lost little boy that is not a boy at all but with all the childlike wonder of one.

descender 4     descender 5

Descender is far from dry. There is betrayal and heartache and torture and death. There is, a story, a damn good story and one that needs to be followed.

Descender may be the best written comic of 2015.

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