RunLoveKill Vol.1 by Jonathan Tsuei


RunLoveKill, Vol.1 by Jonathan Tsuei is a stylish thriller with artwork and storyline that is more likely to be found in Asian comics than in one released by the daring and innovative new writer driven Image comics.

Rain Oshiro is looking for a way out. Out of town, out of her life, out of the memories that haunt her. She’s looking to meet up with a smuggler who will get her out of the city of Prygat but before she can get it going, her vehicle gets re-possessed. But what Rain doesn’t know is that her day is about to get much worse.


The military organization that runs Prygat is known as The Origami and they have a special interest in Rain Oshiro. Rain had once been one of theirs and The Origami want her back. Rain is a trained assassin and has been on the run ever since she escaped from The Origami, but her luck is starting to run out. The Origami know where she is and they are about to drop a load of trouble on her head. Can Rain escape and get free and if she can, what will be the cost in innocent lives?


Granted, the plot is not that original. Super Assassin/Spy has change of heart and turns against the corrupt and totalitarian regime they had been a part of to save the lives of innocent people. Now they are on the run and there is love and betrayal all around them. In Books and Movies this is very familiar. The Bourne series, Kill Bill, etc. What makes RunLoveKill so good is that the characters are very well written and the artwork stylish and crisp. This futuristic science fiction thriller should garner a good audience in a genre that comics, unless its some campy super hero book, generally ignore. The science fiction comic book is making a comeback and it is gritty and realistic. More Blade Runner than Flash Gordon.


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