Laura Kinney. The New Wolverine.

new wolverine 5

Laura Kinney is taking the helm vacated by the death of Logan, the mutant known worldwide as the Wolverine. The clone of Logan, created by geneticist Doctor Sarah Kinney, the mutant known as X-23 has had a tragic and brutal rise in the world of Marvel Comics and unlike many of the currently popular superheroes, did not begin her existence in the form of comic book character. She began as a character in X-Men Evolution, the animated series. X-23 has super healing factor, super strength and agility, and retractable adamantium bone claws in her hands and feet. Laura was named X-23 because the only available DNA sample salvaged from the Weapon X project had a damaged Y chromosome. When the attempts to repair the sample failed, Dr. Sarah Kinney decided to create the clone with the sample as is, minus the Y chromosome. After 22 failed attempts, the 23rd survived the adamantium fusion. So was created X-23, a female Weapon X.

The project’s director, Doctor Martin Sutter was angry at Dr. Kinney’s insubordination at creating a female Weapon X and forced her to become the clone’s surrogate mother and Kinney gave birth to X-23. She was then raised in captivity and trained to become the ultimate assassin. The Weapon X that the Wolverine was designed to be. But Dr. Kinney fought against the programming the child was receiving and worked hard to instill in her a sense of humanity. This further angered Sutter and his protégé Dr. Rice. It was Dr. Rice, was father was killed by the original Weapon X; Wolverine, when he escaped, who created a chemical compound that triggered X-23 whenever she came upon its scent into a berserker rage. Kinney, fearing what they were doing to her, ordered X-23 to destroy the remaining clone pods and kill Rice. But Rice got his revenge as he exposed Dr. Kinney to the trigger scent, sending X-23 into a berserker rage and killing her mother. As Kinney lay dying, she names the clone, Laura.

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In true Marvel fashion, X-23, Laura Kinney does not resurface until years later where she is working as a prostitute for a pimp called Zebra Daddy. Marvel’s history of turning their heroines into sex slaves of one sort or the other is legendary. See early history of Captain Marvel Carol Danvers, the Black Widow, the rape of the Black Cat and Jessica Jones and the list goes on and on. It is here where X-23 comes into contact with other mutants and with their help frees herself form Zebra Daddy. She then takes the job as an enforcer for several nefarious characters, killing their enemies and anyone who threatened her. The killings, because of their manner and ferocity implicate a mutant better known in the Marvel Universe.

The Wolverine.

This prompts the X-Men to investigate and clear the name of the Wolverine. By instinct X-23 attacks Wolverine on sight but he is able to calm her down. Logan then begins to unravel just who X-23 is and she in turn, realizes who he is. Theirs is a troubled relationship, brother and sister, but more like father and daughter. X-23 becomes fiercely loyal and protective of Logan and he in turn, becomes responsible for her. Much as he was for Jubilee in the past. It is the Wolverine who teaches young X-23 her social skills so one can imagine what a mess that was.

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By now, X-23 uses her given name of Laura Kinney and searches out her mother’s family. Protecting and befriending them, though she can never let them know that it was her who killed her own mother. She also befriends, Shadowcat, Psylocke and Rachel Summers, becoming part of their X-Men team. It was during this time she even became Captian Universe for a brief period.

It was after the comic arc known as M-Day that X-23 became a prevalent player in the mutant universe. One of the few mutants who were not rendered powerless by the Scarlett Witch’s mad attack, she joins the X-Men under Emma Frost and is instrumental in saving the remaining mutants from an attack by William Stryker. But her destiny is certain. She is her father’s daughter and with the story arc of the Death of Wolverine and the subsequent storyline of the evil mutant Mr. Sinister’s attempts at creating an army of Wolverines; it was obvious there was only one person who could step into Logan’s shoes.

new wolverine

Here is Weapon X. X-23. Laura Kinney. The New Wolverine.


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