American Alien

american alien      american alien 2

I am at best, usually unimpressed with Superman stories. It is often the tales that are one shots are short series that show a Superman from a different DC universe that at times hold some appeal. Or as most people have figured out, team him up with someone as awesome as Batman and then maybe the Boy Scout won’t be so boring.

Superman: American Alien may change all that.

Granted it is not part of the current lexicon of Superman stories and it is a seven issue series, but if the first two books that are out are any indication. Then DC needs to look at this retelling of the Superman early life and integrate it into the mainstream. They are original, as they can be when telling a story that has been told many times over, and gritty in a way that has never been produced in a Superman book.

america alien 3

They do what has been missing so much from Superman. They humanize him. In truth these are stories about the boy Clark Kent.

In Book #1, the Kents must deal with the challenge of what happens when their young adopted son floats away. Sounds silly, until the real life ramifications become involved. The Kents are beginning to realize that they may not be able to handle the changes coming about with their child and that the powers he is beginning to show are not only beyond their control, but his as well.

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In Book #2, the Kansas town of Smallville knows all about Clark Kent. His powers and abilities. Instead of reacting in fear and prejudice, they take him in and protect his secret. But small town life intrudes on Clark and the grit and violence of the world outside of his Smallville comes to him in a bloody and dangerous encounter.

American Alien is a book about a young boy/man trying to belong in a world that is not his. How can he use his powers, who can he trust and mostly, above all else, why can’t he be like everyone else? Clark doesn’t want to be Superman. He wants to be Clark Kent and that is what makes this series so good.



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