If you blinked…Batman 47

batman 47

As readers of this blog well know, I have a certain disdain for the current rabbit eared, Robocop, wannabe Batman that has taken over this book since the brilliance that was Endgame. Jim Gordon, no matter how built up you make him, will never be Batman. Add on his troop of merry little men and still, it does not add up to Batman.

Granted, this is not the first time DC Comics has thought that it could replace Bruce Wayne as the Batman. Recently it was with the true heir apparent in Dick Grayson who took over the training of Damian Wayne as the Robin. Before that it was with Azrael after the breaking of Bruce Wayne’s Batman by Bane.

batman 47 middle

But in the back of this current storyline of life after the Batman, despite how it could be interesting to see how Jim Gordon and Gotham PD struggle to carry on, is the story of the return of Bruce Wayne. Bruce who is brought back by the Court of Owls but without his memory. Slowly, piece by piece, Bruce begins to unravel his past. Until now, in Batman 47 where he comes to the realization, that Bruce Wayne was the Batman. But that is not the “…Did you Blink…” moment. No that came on the final page.

batman 47 end

Could it be?

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