Red Sonja / Conan: The Blood of a God

red sonya conan.jpg

Red Sonja/Conan: The Blood of a God by Victor Gissler brings back these two gorgeous and violent heroes of the pulp fiction comics.

Red Sonja, the chain mail bikini wearing She-Devil with a Sword teams up once again with the Barbarian from Cimmeria, Conan. The two team up to lead a mercenary army as they wage war against a powerful sorcerer. Together they believe themselves to be a match for Kal’Ang, a herbalist whose powers reside in Blood Root experiments. But the conjurer is far more adept than they realize and he is capable of raising his own armies. An army of monsters and demons. But from where did Kal’Ang get this power. Could there be another even more powerful behind him. Someone who has bid their time to take vengeance upon Red Sonja and Conan!

red sonja2.jpg

There was always something incredibly fun and yet visceral about a Red Sonja and Conan comic book. Something forbidden even. There was far more blood and way more sex and it seemed as a young boy, well that you shouldn’t be reading this one. As if maybe this comic belong hidden under your Dad’s bed with all those other magazines.

The artwork in this series is terrific. Sonja, in all her glory is less of a distraction to the main storytelling. A triumph when most women in comics are there only for the titillation factor. It is actually Sonja who drives much of the series with Conan playing sidekick. Something that rarely takes place.

red sonja 3.jpg

Dynamic Forces does a terrific job in the continuum of these characters and their series. They never really hit mainstream but that is really part of their charm. You don’t want them to. You want them to remain the same. You want to keep them yours.


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