Black Canary, Vol 1: Kicking and Screaming


Black Canary, Vol 1: Kicking and Screaming by Brendan Fletcher is the collection of the new reboot of the Black Canary series. Hot on the heels of the successful Batgirl reboot, Black Canary gets much of the same treatment but misses the mark that Batgirl seems to hit so effortlessly.

Dinah Lance has had enough of being a superhero and enough of all the crime fighting problems that come with it. Instead she has found a new vocation and may have hung up her superhero persona forever. The Black Canary is no longer the soldier or vigilante she once one. Now Dinah is on the road as a lead signer in a punk rock band! Traveling with a group of misfits that should be decades younger than her, the Canary finds a way to fit in with her little group and soon adopts them as her new family.

But trouble is never far behind and soon the Black Canary finds herself attacked by Government baddies and old boyfriends and some weird black ooze from the beyond. But is it really her that they are after or are there even deeper and darker secrets in the new members of her rock band?

The Black Canary is one of those superheroes who never seemed to wear the mantle of the good guy too comfortably. You knew, given the right circumstances, she could go bad in an instant. She was always more Catwoman then Batgirl. So after the reboot of Batgirl to commercial and critical success, there was alot of hope out there that the new Black Canary would be something to really sing out about. After a brief preview of the new character in the Batgirl series, she set out on her own.

And that is too bad. The artwork and storyline are subpar when compared to many other DC titles out there and you never really get the feeling that her new band members trust or even like Dinah. Its hard to tell really why she is even hanging out with them. This new punk/grudge attitude fits her well as does the return to a youthful Dinah, but it seems as if the investment into the character for DC ended there.

The Black Canary is a staple of the DC and Batman universe and as such, comes with a lot of emotional baggage. Her past is something that could have been used to develop the character and unfortunately this early rendition of Dinah seems as if the past was left aside like a forgotten bag in a hotel room. Missed perhaps, but not useful.

The Black Canary is a powerful and wonderful example of a strong and courageous woman. This current character is a shadow of her former self.

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