Batman 48 or DC finally gets it’s head out of it’s @$$!!

batman 48d.jpg

We have suffered, fellow Batman fans. At times feeling betrayed and forgotten by the genius duo of Snyder and Capullo. So soon after they deliver to us the epic showdown between the Joker and the true caped crusader, they force feed us the rabbit eared, mech warrior monstrosity that is a ‘roid raged James Gordon in super armor. Then they have the audacity to create a villain like Bloom, so freaking awesome and demented,to take over Gotham.  Through it all they bring back Bruce Wayne. A lost yet well adjusted, amnesic, Bruce Wayne who has no idea who he once was or why. For awhile it looks as if Bruce Wayne, the Batman, will not go out in a blaze of glory but wander aimlessly about, never once again to don he cowl.

But no, that was just a tease, just a cruel and heartless tease. Snyder and Capullo you bastards! You glorious brilliant bastards!

batman 48b.jpg

Bruce has been spending his off time, while Gotham falls apart, sitting on a park bench with a stranger with green eyes and white gloves and a flower in his lapel and who just happens to not be totally sure who he is either. Only that well, he seems a little crazy…

batman 48.jpg

It is here, in these talks that Bruce pieces his past together. It is here that he begins to realize the truth. All this while Bloom is turning the citizens of Gotham into his creatures of murder and death. As Bloom defeats the Gotham PD and its mechanized Batman, someone is banging on the door of Wayne Manor, screaming for Alfred Pennyworth to open the door. Alfred tries to cover his ears but the door breaks open and there stands….

batman 48c.jpg



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