Superman American Alien 3 & 4

superman american alien.jpg   superman american alienb.jpg

When last we left our favorite American Alien, Clark was coming out of his teenage years and now we find a young Kent on his way to manhood. In issue #3, Clark has won a free trip to the Bahamas and along the way, his plane crashes into the ocean. But as luck would have it, it crashes near a cruising yacht. Clark says the pilot and climbs aboard the ship where he is greeted with cries of “Happy Birthday!”. The partygoers assuming that Clark is their eccentric host making a grand entrance. After all, they are aboard a party ship belonging to Wayne Enterprises!

superman american alienc.jpg

Only the partygoers, which include one very drunk Ollie Queen, so does one super assassin hired by Carmine Falcone. Deathstroke! Which doesn’t quite work out exactly how Deathstroke thought it would.

superman american aliend.jpg

What also happens in this issue is that Clark realizes that he doesn’t want to stay in Smallville. That he is meant for much bigger things. That could have been an epiphany. Or it could have been the alcohol, or the incredible night of sex (Yeh he gets laid…alot!) with one sexy red head by the name of Barb Minerva. Look her up DC fans. Of course you cannot pretend to be Bruce Wayne aboard a yacht owned by Wayne Enterprises surrounded by all of Bruce Wayne’s fake friends and not get noticed by well you know…

Issue #4 has Clark venturing into the big city, snagging a job with the Daily Planet, meeting and pissing off Lois Lane, running into Ollie Queen again and getting introduced to Lex Luthor and his God Complex. Of course he is still being watched by Bruce Wayne and his ertswhile ward, Dick Grayson.

superman american aliene.jpg

superman american alienf.jpg

And finally by the Batman himself.

superman american alien g.jpg

Which doesn’t quite go the way Batman thought it would.

Superman Alien is really a good book. This is the Superman story we have been waiting for and one that has never been written like this before. More so because this is really Clark Kent’s book. Supes hasn’t even shown up yet. But you get the feeling it won’t be long.


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