Monday’s Monster – Vermin



Monday’s Monster is Vermin. Often remembered as a foe of Spider-Man, Vermin first appears in Captain America #272, August of 1982.

Geneticist, Edward Whelan, suffered a horrible childhood trauma, being both physically and emotionally abused by his father. He is experimented upon by his employers, Baron Zemo and Primus I and the result changes Whelan into a cannibalistic humanoid rat. With the strength and agility of a human sized rat, Vermin also loses his intelligence and is returned to the state of a child. But, a child in pain and full of hate. Vermin also has the ability to communicate with rats and is able to control them. Vermin fights Captain America and is defeated. He is then handed over to Shield but escapes.

vermin 2.jpg

He thens battles both Captain America and Spider-man and sometime later battles Kraven the Hunter disguised as Spider-man. Kraven captures Vermin to prove that he is superior to Spider-man as Spidey needed Captain America to defeat  Vermin. Kraven then sets Vermin onto Spider-Man to kill him but Spider-man wins and Vermin is once again captured. It is soon after this that Vermin escapes and returns to his parents’ home for his revenge.

vermin 3.jpg

Vermin is one comic book character whose transmutation does not occur from his own doing. He is also one of the few characters who, when is cured of his disease, takes responsibility for his crimes as Vermin and stands trial. His defense attorney being none other than Matthew Murdock

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