Monday’s Mutant is Husk (Paige Guthrie)


Husk, Paige Guthrie, is the second sibling in the large Guthrie family to show mutant abilities. When learning of her older brother’s, Sam Guthrie aka Cannonball, abilities, Paige tried over and over again to be different from her family as well. Born poor to a coal miner in Kentucky, Paige has always been embarrassed by her poverty and upbringing. When no powers showed themselves after she put her mind and body through various tests, Paige screamed that she would rip her skin off to be a mutant and that is how she came to find her mutant ability.

Paige is able to remove a layer of her skin and reveal a second skin underneath that can be of metal, stone or any other composition of her choosing. She can even turn her outer skin into adamantium, the metal that Wolverine’s exo-skeleton is made of.

husk2.jpg husk3.jpg

Like her brother Cannonball, Paige is capable of being impetuous and with the built in overwhelming need to prove herself. This is a characteristic that has gotten her and her teammates into heated arguments and danger on missions.


Husk made her first appearance as a background character in 1984, but by 1986, she was revealed to be a mutant in the New Mutants #42 and was also part of the run for X-Force as well. It was in the storyline for the Phalanx Covenant that brought her into the X-Men comics and to the attention of the larger mutant fanbase. She initially began her mutant superhero life as part of Generation X but when that team disbanded she moved into becoming a true member of the  X-Men.




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