Monday’s Mutant of the day is Wicked!

wicked 3

Wicked is one of those mutants in Marvel’s glut of X-Men comic line that had such promise but has for the most part fallen into obscurity. Very little is known of the mutant Wicked. She came into the Marvel Universe as a resident of Hammer Bay, the capital of Genosha. She was a young teenage girl who had adopted a goth lifestyle. This led to several fights with her parents and it was during one of these fights that Hammer Bay is attacked by Sentinels. Her parents die and the last thing Wicked hears is her mother telling her that she is wicked…wicked.

wicked 4

She is later found by Professor Xavier as he arrives on Genosha and he takes her and her companion Freakshow to be his students. Later on she saves Magneto who was thought to be dead. Together, with Freakshow and others, Wicked becomes part of a team that works to rebuild Genosha after the Sentinel attack and attempted genocide.

wicked 5

Wicked has the ability to not only communicate with the spirits of the dead, but to also get them to do her bidding. The ghosts then work for her. But it is also understood that whatever the ghosts feel, she does as well. So she would in effect suffer as they do.

When the Scarlett Witch goes insane, in the event known as M-Day, Wicked is one of the many mutants who loses her powers. Desperate to gain her powers back she breathes in the Terrigen Mists, which not only returns her powers but enhances them to the point that she finds herself tormented and haunted by her own parents.

Eventually the effects of the Terrigen Mists goes away and Wicked is left without any powers, alone and haunted by the spirits she can no longer control.

wicked 2

Wicked is part of the new generation of mutants that came into the Marvel Universe but never really took hold. With a few changes she could really be something. I get the goth part but it reminds me too much of an early Typhoid Mary and lacks any of its own originality. Also, you would think someone so in touch with the spirit world would be less of a teenage brat and have some wisdom from all of the dead she can communicate with.


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